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Wild for Herbs is an independent distributor of Good Herbs products. We use Zyto Compass Scanning Technology to help individuals determine which products will best suit their needs. Currently we serve the greater Ann Arbor area, and Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Our goal is to make high quality herbs accessible to more people and to help people discover which herbs resonate best with their bodies' needs.
Good Herbs offers a large variety of herbal extracts, including Chinese, Ayurvedic, and other natural health supplements.

Herb Distributor - Ann Arbor, MI - Wild for Herbs
Buy Herbal Supplements:
  • Single and combination herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Colloidals
  • Herbal sets
  • Flower essences
Or make an appointment to get a Zyto Compass Scan! Contact Wild for Herbs today at 734-709-8547 for inquiries.

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